Richard Buffington Jr
by Ken Freeman

Richard Buffington, Jr. was born to Richard Buffington, Sr. and Anne _____________ in 1681 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was the first child of English descent born in the province, born the year his parents arrived from England.

At the time of his birth, Chester County did not actually exist. It was known as Upland in 1681 and became Chester in 1684 after William Penn received the Crown Charter for the Province of Pennsylvania.

His mother died in 1695. His father married again that same year to Frances Vane (Grubb). Nothing else is known of his youth.

Richard, Jr., married Phoebe Grubb in 1710. Phoebe was his stepsister, the daughter of Frances Vane (Grubb) and John Grubb.

His father and stepmother provided the couple with a "setting out" of ten horses: two horses, four mares and four colts.

Richard and Phoebe lived in Bradford, Chester County, where on the 10th of February 1726 their parents deeded as a gift to them 250 acres of land on the Brandywine River.

Their first child was John. He married first: Elizabeth Way and second: Jane Thatcher.

Their second child was Frances. She married Samuel Osborne on the 5th of August 1743.

Their third child was Phoebe. She married John Wall on the 19th of September 1740.

Their fourth child was Richard, III, born on the 23rd of November 1715, and died on the 28th of February 1742. He married first: Mary Bates and second: Anne Woodward.

Their fifth child was Samuel. Nothing more is know of him.

Their sixth child was Henry. Henry married Catherine ________. He died in 1745.

Their seventh child was Peter who married Hannah White.

Their eighth child was Nathaniel. Nothing more is know of him.

Their ninth child was Jeremiah, who died in 1755,

Their tenth child was Isaac, who died in 1760.

Their eleventh child was Joseph, born on the 20th of July 1737, and died on the 12th of August 1796. He married Mary Aston Few on the 1st of August 1759.

Richard died on the 12th of May 1741 at the age of sixty, six years before his father.

The executors to his estate were his wife Phoebe, his son John and Samuel Grubb. All the land holdings were conveyed to Richard, III. Richard, III reconveyed 125 acres to Phoebe.

In 1745 the surviving children built a new home for Phoebe on her land on the Brandywine River.

Phoebe married Simon Hadley on the 22nd of July 1752. Simon Hadley was from Mill Creek, Newcastle County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Hadley was murdered by one of his servants, for the money he carried, in 1756.

Phoebe did not marry again. She returned to her home on the Brandywine and remained there until her death on the 4th of March 1769.

Phoebe's will left her land to her son John and 30 pounds to each of her children "for building my home".

Richard, Jr. and Phoebe were my great, great, great, great, great grandparents.

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