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*** Table of C ontents ***
Our Freeman Family Origins

Clyde Newell Freeman Jr Biography
A Tribute By His Son

Black Gold Legacy LLC formed
Legendary Winner of the first 1924 Ky Derby
Launch was March 12th, 2005 - Louisiana Derby
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Family Tree Reports
Our Family Tree Database
6938+ Individuals/2494+ Families/1415+ Surnames

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Famous Relatives
Stories and More Biograhies

Pictures and Documents
Freeman Generation Pictures

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Free Family Tree Form Templates
Black Gold Legacy, LLC:
The Hymans Web Site:
Jim Hackley, Photographer:
Jesse Winchester - Folk Singer/Songwriter
Ken & Susie Freeman (my Dad's site)
Tina's and Alan's Site
Alan's Web Site

*** F reeman DNA P roject ***
Dear Fellow Freeman's, I urge you to please join the
FREEMAN Y-DNA Project! The price starts at $159
for Y-Marker Test.
Please see the
FamilyTreeDNA site for details.
The more who join, the better chance we have of finding our roots!

Find SURNAME Projects or Have Your DNA Tested
FamilyTreeDNA Site
[ DNA image ]
Y-DNA Simply Explained
by me for genealogy purposes

Why use Y-DNA? How does it work? FAQ's
So far over 9,000 surnames and 28,000 participants

New Y-DNA Testing Helps Link Family Lines
The Freeman Y-DNA Project

Matching Freeman Males with Y-DNA
Freeman Y-DNA Relationships Chart
Look for 'Gabriel Freeman' for our line

Understanding Y-DNA Testing
The Blair DNA Project
Great info on understanding DNA

***Family Trees***

[ Family Tree Thumbnail ]
Graphic Family Tree-39 Gens to 750AD
-Alan Freeman's Ancestors [PDF format]-

Feeman Graphical Family Tree
-Graphic: Use BACK button when done.-
Freeman/Cole Graphical Family Tree (with Ages)
-Graphic: Use BACK button when done.-

The Hyman Family Site
See other Hyman reports below


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Clyde Newell Freeman Jr Biography
A Tribute By His Son
Ken Allen Freeman - Autobiography
My father and Stepmother.

Ken & Susie Freeman's Website
-My Father's Website-
Oscar Warmuth and Eva Day
- My Paternal Grandma and My Step-Grandpa -
- The Karl & Anna Rabenaldt Warmuth Genealogy -
Oscar and Eva Warmuth
-A Newpaper Clipping During the WWII-

Lee Opal Cole - Biography
- My Beloved Mother -
Alan Cole Freeman Biography
- That's me... the webmaster -
Mark Nobles Biography
-My 3rd Great-Grandfather-
Mark Nobles Estate

David Bailey Freeman the news. new article Aug. 2, 2005
article by Mark Hyde.

David Bailey Freeman
Soldier, Politician & Editor
Biography and Assorted Writings
David Bailey Freeman
The Youngest Confederate Soldier
A Magazine Article by David Parker & Me
My 2nd Great-Granduncle

*** Great-Grandfathers***
More Biographies

"..a man's gray hair is his crown of wisdom.." - The Bible (Proverbs)

Captain Wesley Newell Freeman
Memorabilia - Correspondence-Heirlooms
My 2nd Great-Grandfather
Beverly Allen Freeman
-A Biography of my 3rd Great-Grandfather-
Richard Few
Francis Stanfield
Joseph Buffington Sr
Isaac Few
Richard Buffington Jr
Joseph Few
Joseph Buffington
William Gordon
Son of Thomas Gordon

***Famous Relatives***
Actual lineage is shown at the end of each biography.
Our Family Soldiers (Military)

"He that boasts of his descent is like the potato, the
best part of him is underground" -- Thomas Overbury

Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President

George Washington, 1st President of the USA
James Madison, Jr., 4th President of the USA
Andrew Jackson-Old Hickory-7th President of the USA
Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the USA

Daniel Boone, US Pioneer and Frontiersman
Henry Clay, US Statesman and Senator
William Few, Jr., US Statesman and Banker

Commander Wesley Freeman, 25 NC Inf. Co. "C",CSA

David Bailey Freeman, Soldier, Politician & Editor
David B Freeman-in Cartersville Magazine

All New Reports - Adobe PDF Format
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Get the FREE Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 6.0

Last Updated Sunday October 25th, 2009
Alan Freeman Ancestor Report - 39 Generations
Alan Freeman's Graphic Family Tree-39 Gens to 750AD
Gabriel Freeman (b.1770) Descendants Outline Tree
Gabriel Freeman Descendants Report - 8 Generations

Last Updated February 20th, 2005
John Cole Descendants Report - 9 Generations
John Cole Descendants Outline Tree
John Cole Descendants Graphic Tree

Last Updated February 20th, 2005
The Hyman's Family Site
Hyman Ancestor Report - 6 Generations
Hyman Descendants Report - 7 Generations
Hyman Descendants Graphic Tree
Hyman Descendants Outline Tree

*** Poetry, Songs ***
*** and Writings ***
The Word of the Lord
15 of my favorite scriptures from the New American Standard Bible

[ Catholic New American Standard Bible ]
New American Standard Bible On-line
For Those Tears I Died/Whom Shall I Send
Two favorite gospel songs
Jesus Christ Superstar Rock-Opera Transcript
-Written from Judas' viewpoint
Killkelly Ireland 'a poem and song' about ancestry.
Advance Guards 'a poem and song' about aging
Men At Forty 'a poem and song' about growing up
Advice To My Son 'a poem' about growing up
Forefathers 'a poem and song' about ancestry
For A Dancer 'a poem and song' for Mother
My Father's Eyes 'a poem and song' for Dad
Crowd Around the Corner 'a poem and song' for Grandpa
The Story Tellers 'a poem' about Genealogists
The Living Years 'a poem and song' about communication
The Box 'a mythical poem about war'
Sonnets 18 & 29 'love sonnets from Shakespeare'

***Other Custom Reports***
*** by Generation ***
Reports Last Updated August 4th, 2001 - [ Not Adobe ]

Karl Warmuth and Anna Rabenaldt
- Descendants Tree and Descendants Report -

Descendants of Nicholas Day
-temporarily out of order-

Ancestors of Sarah Elizabeth Carson

Descendants of William Franklin Carson

Letter to Anna Lacotts from David Bailey Freeman
Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5

Info taken from the Freeman Family Bible of
Margaretta Elizabeth Moore in 1972.

***Research Stuff***
Freeman's in the Georgia Census 1790-1870
Georgia Census Index, All in one place!
Freeman Coat of Arms / Crest
Our Lineage from 4000 BC to 2001 AD
The Genealogy of Joseph
Step-father of Jesus, Husband of Blessed Mary
How The President of the U.S. Is Elected
The 45 Presidents of the United States
The Thirteen Original Colonies of the USA
Dates and Data
US Citizenship Questions and Answers
Sample Citizenship Test
Georgia 'County' Map
A Colorful View of Georgia.
Civil War Commanders
Confederate and Union

*** Freeman Generation Photos ***
Family Photo Albums
our family get-togethers and trips
Freeman Family Pictures
6 generations from 1832 to now.
Wesley, Olin, Wallace, Kenneth, Alan, and Brian

The Freeman Boys
Pictures of Eva Estelle Day & Wallace Hall Freeman's
three sons, Stanley, Kenneth, and Danny

My Sister's Families
- Family Photos: Glenda, Donna, Jennifer -

Richard Waldo Freeman Family
Richard Waldo Freeman Family - 1995/1996
Freeman Photos from Don Freeman
- Newton Gabriel Lineage -

Samuel Rutherford Freeman Grave

My Paternal Family
Henry Taylor Hall & Harriet Eliza Holt
Day & Smith and Warmuth Photos

Gabriel Freeman & Lucy Freeman Marriage License 1794
Wallace Hall Freeman, Grave
Wesley Newell Freeman, Grave
Aunt Jo McFadin (Frances Josephine Freeman)
Mary A.R. Murray Freeman, Grave
Other Freeman and Family Graves

***Photos and Documents ***

My maternal family
Robert Marvin Cole Sr. Family - 1974
My Cole Ancestry (Pictures & Story)
- Family History -
My Mother at 14 & abt. 59 (Dora Leopal Cole)
- 1931-1997 -
Minnie Cole Sudberry
-My Maternal GrandAunt-
Queeny Fredrika Reed
-My 2nd Great-Grandmother-
Cole Graves in Murfreesboro TN
- Photos-

Hyman Family Pictures
-The Hymans Site-

DFW National Cemetery
-Military Cemetery - Dallas County, TX-

Alan Freeman School Pictures and More...
- Somewhat Unbelievable -
Alan's Radio Days at WMTS-FM/AM
Softball with Oak Ridge Boys!

*** Our Family Tree Database***

There are over 6938 individuals and over 2494 families
representing nearly 1415 surnames in this database.
*There's about 330 FREEMAN's in this database.

This data was last updated on Sunday May 6th, 2007.
(This data is a work in progress and may not be 100% correct.)

*** Indexed Database ***
Alphabetical by Surname
Surname List

*Some of this information can be found on
Family Treemaker's World Family Tree CD's:
CD #712 Vol 12, Tree 15
CD #729 Vol 29, Tree 368
CD #732 Vol 32, Tree 135
and several other newer issues.

Click to visit The World Family Tree Site
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Ken & Susie Freeman
My Cousin T-Bone's Poetry site: Mark T Cole

My Folksinger Friend's site: Jesse Winchester
My Business site:
Wintek Software Company
World's Best Hamburgers:
Joe Thornton's JoeBurgers
My personal site: Alan Cole Freeman

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