Richard Buffington Sr
by Ken Freeman

Richard Buffington, Sr. was born on the 30th of May 1654 in Great Maile upon Thames, Buckinghamshire, England. His parent's names are not known at this time.

Nothing is known of his youth in England.

He married Anne ________in England. They had two daughters there.

Their first child was Ann. She married Benjamin Hickman in 1701 in America.

Their second child was Ruth. She married Ezekiel Harlan, also in America.

Richard and Anne emigrated from England in 1681. They were Quakers and came to America to escape the religious persecution of the Church of England.

They arrived in the bitter winter of 1681. They settled first in West Jersey, where Richard was a signatory of the West Jersey Compact. Then they moved to Upland, which later became Chester, prior to William Penn's signing of the Crown Charter for the Province of Pennsylvania.

Their third child was Richard, Jr. born in 1681 and died in 1741. He married Phoebe Grubb in 1710.

Their fourth child was Thomas born in 1685. He married first: Ruth Cope and second: Ann Matthews.

Their fifth child was William. Nothing more is know of him.

Their sixth child was John who died in 1736. He married Sarah Eaverson.

Their seventh child was Hannah. She married Jeremiah Dean in 1720.

Their eighth child was Mary. She married first: William Baldwin, and second: Charles Turner.

Their ninth child was Elizabeth. She married first: Peter Collins, and second: John Freeman.

Their tenth child was Lydia, who died in 1757. She married George Martin.

Anne ________Buffington died in 1695.

Richard married the second time the following year. His second wife was Frances Vane Grubb. She was the widow of John Grubb, Richard's former business partner.

Richard disowned the Quaker religion in 1699. He joined the Ana Baptist Church on the 26th of June 1699.

Frances Vane (Grubb) Buffington died in 1720. She and Richard had no children.

Richard married the third time that same year. His third wife was Alice Palmer.

Their first child, Richard's eleventh, was Abigale, born in September of 1721. She married first: Edward Seed, and second: David Fling.

Their second child, Richard's twelfth, was Joseph, who died in 1785.

Their third child, Richard's thirteenth, was Alice. She married first: Robert. McArthur, and second: James Hance.

The West Jersey newspaper announced Richard's 85th birthday on the 30th of May 1739 saying "the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to the number of 115 met together at his house in Chester County. In addition to the blood descent, there were 9 sons-in-law and daughters-in-law and 12 great grandchildren-in-law. His eldest son, (Richard, Jr.) now in the 60th year of his age was the first born of English descent in this province."

Richard Buffington, Sr. died in 1747.

He was the first American known to will money to the Baptist church. He willed 5 pounds to the Ana Baptist Society.

Richard, Sr. and Anne ________Buffington were my great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents.

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